AK47 Ztum Setum

An AK47 Republic wargames campaign

AK47 Ztum – Setum


S_PresA Miniature wargames campaign featuring rival warlords battling for power in an imaginary setting (very) loosely based on Africa in the early 1980s.

This web site is dedicated to the Ztum – Setum wargames campaign which was run from 2000 to 2003 by members of the South East Scotland Wargames Club.   We used the first edition AK47 Republic rules from the Rules for the Common Man (RFCM) team at Peter Pig.  These rules have been replaced by a new AK47 Republic Reloaded second edition, but the old “classic” first edition rules are still available as a pdf from the Peter Pig website.   The second edition rules are quite different and are said to give a different flavour of game. .

The name Ztum-Setum comes from the names given to the campaign area by two groups of tribes. The highland tribes call it Ztumsia while the lowland tribes insist on Setumsia.

The Warring Factions: Notes on the background to the various factions in the campaign and pictures (lots) of the forces.  You can tell something about the serious nature of this campaign from the names people have given to their armies.

House Rules : Semi -Official AK47 Amendments from RFCM and our own Campaign House Rules

Model Index:  Pictures of painted examples model vehicles, aircraft and helicopters from Battlefront, Peter Pig, QRF, Skytrex and other manufacturers. Includes many conversions

Markers:  download casualty and pinned markers for AK47 Republic.

Scenery: some pictures of the scenery we use in our games.

Toy Conversions : Model vehicles etc. that campaign participants have converted from children’s toys.

Dave Wilson – A Tribute:  A regular player in the AK47 Ztum-Setum campaign, Dave died in 2002. He was a highly skilled modeller who was forever converting and customising figures, particularly his Warhammer 40K Space Marines, or scratch building vehicles and terrain pieces. Some examples of his excellent AK47 conversions can be found on this page.

The Real Thing: pictures of post-war armour from the Le Musée des Blindés at Saumur in France: The museum is home to over 850 vehicles, a third of which work and there are over 200 on permanent display. This page has photographs of a small selection which may be of interest to players of AK47 Republic. The museum’s website has a full list of the vehicles on display in the various halls.