(1) The President “Papa Deek” Donunga, President for Life of the People’s Republic of Ztumsia.

PAZ – The Peoples Army for the Nation and Tribes of Ztumsia

The Presidential Guard


(2) The elite troops of the Ztumsian Presidential Guard are charged with the protection of President Donunga and are trained in helicopter insertion techniques.


(3) They are very well equipped with tanks, armoured cars, APCs, such as this BMD-1, and technicals of various types.

Ztumsian Armour


(4) PAZ armoured regiments mainly use older Russian built vehicles such as this T55


(5) But the USSR recently sent a shipment of more up to date weapons such as this Akatsiya 152mm Self Propelled Gun


(6) and this T62

Mechanised Infantry

All Ztumsian Mechanised Infantry Battalions have their own integral transport. In practice they are mostly equipped with trucks, but some favoured battalions have APCs mostly BTR-60s. All units have their own mobile heavy weapons support. This varies from unit to unit and ranges from armoured cars, through heavy machine guns mounted on the aforementioned APCs to light technicals of various descriptions.


(7) Ztumsian Mechanised Infantry move up to the battlefield.


(8) Then dismount to defend a village


(9) Mechanised infantry man a recoilless rifle


(10) Units with commanders of proven loyalty to the President may be equipped with armoured cars to provide integral heavy support.


(11) or APCs such as this BTR-60PB


(12) But most have to make do with technicals like this Toyota.

Line Infantry

Most Ztumsian infantrymen walk to the battlefield, but units can be allocate trucks from a central pool if required. In general these units are less well supplied than the mechanised infantry.


(13) Ztumsian infantry advance supported by a T55 tank.


(14) Heavy weapons companies are equipped with mortars.


(15) Some infantry battalions pack a considerable punch with Quad AA Guns on the back of trucks.

SAPS – the Special Armed Police Service

Such is the President’s paranoia (he particularly distrusts most of his army commanders) that he has established an extensive police force under the command his brother Desmond Donunga.. The SAPS are the most visible sign of their power in the country but Ztumsia is also home to large numbers of plainclothes and secret policemen. The SAPS have access to most of the weapons used by the regular army and most are equipped as mechanised infantry, though all their vehicles are painted dark blue rather than camouflaged. The army’s jealousy of the SAPS is legendary and this, along with other political considerations, has prevented them being allowed to field tanks. Desmond Donunga is intensely irritated by this and has been scheming for years to get his hands on an operational MBT. The SAPS regularly scavenge destroyed tanks from the battlefield and are rumored to be trying to assemble a complete one from the bits.


(16) SAPS Infantry advance out of the scrub.


(17) SAPS troops are often equipped with Russian built BTR-60 Ps


(18) SAPS dismounted,


(19) The SAPS don’t have any tanks, but they are equipped with armoured cars.


(20) Including some armed with mortars and HMGs.


(21) A SAPS technical mounting a recoilless rifle.


In common with most of the factions involved in the fighting in Ztumsia/Setumsia the People’s Army of Ztumsia supplement their fighting forces with militia.

One notable militia unit in their employ is the Young Leith Away Team (YLAT), a militia unit raised from gang members in the Ztumsian capital. YLAT were originally formed in the early 1960s as the personal bodyguard of George Reid, a Scottish diamond smuggler who thought it was witty to dress his henchmen in the strips worn by Hibernian FC, the local football team of his native Leith (now part of Edinburgh, Scotland). Reid was killed by rival smugglers in 1965 but the YLAT continued after his death and are now loyal (or at least as loyal as Ztumsian militia can ever be) to “Papa Deek” Donunga and the PAZ. They are considered fierce fighters, though somewhat unreliable. Their secret weapon is Big Bessie a Monster Truck Technical. If they can’t kill the enemy with Bessie’s recoilless rifle, they just drive straight over the top of them.


(23) YLAT – the Young Leith Away Team


(24) YLAT mortars.


(25) Big Bessie, believed to be the only Monster Truck Technical in the world.


(26) Another view of Bessie, who has recently been decorated with Ztumsian flags.


Credits: All models are from Peter Pig’s Range 17 “AK47 Republic”and were painted by Derek Hodge unless otherwise noted.

(1) President Donunga is a Dictator character (17-43). He was painted by Jack Glanville of Pioneer Professional Painting, aka Heviosso, CinC of the Ztumsi Independent Tribal Spiritualists and Prophet of Agassou.
(2) President Donunga rides in a GAZ 469 Jeep (17-50), his bodyguard are in a Landrover (17-39) with an added recoilless rifle (17-68). The building is an “African Building Long” (17-34).
(3) Assorted PP beret infantry and a QRF BMD-1 Airborne Combat Vehicle (MSIV11)
(4) T55 MBT (17-7).
(5) QRF 2S3 (SO-152) 152mm SPG “Akatsiya” (MSART3)
(6) QRF T62 (PST 4)
(7) Beret seated (17-40) ride in a truck converted using plasticard from a toy truck costing 20p from Poundstretcher.
(8) Infantry from various beret packs.
(9) Beret Crew (17-47) and a recoilless rifle (17-20).
(10) Panhard armoured car with 90mm gun (17-32).
(11) Skytrex BTR-60PB
(12) Toyota pickup (17-23) mounted with a recoilless rifle (17-20).
(13) Regular/Professional infantry in caps (various packs) and a T55 MBT (17-7)
(14) Regular/Professional crew in caps (17-2) firing mortars (17-69).
(15) A ZPU 4, 4 barrelled AA gun (17-51) mounted on a modified toy truck.
(16) Infantry in berets from various packs.
(17) A Skytrex BTR-60P
(18) Infantry in berets alongside Skytrex BTR-60P
(19) Panhard Armoured Car (17-32)
(20) Panhard Armoured car MG/Mortar turret (17-33).
(21) Toyota pickup (17-23) mounted with a recoilless rifle (17-20), beret crew (17-47).
(22) Assorted militia. The building is from TimeCast
(23) Militia crew (17-18) man Russian mortars (17-69)
(24) & (25) A Toyota Pickup (17-23) converted with toy truck wheels and mounting a recoilless rifle (17-20)