The ZITs Old Guard (ZOGs) were formed by a group of deserters from the the Ztumsi Independent Tribal Spiritualists (ZITs) when they came under the influence of a prophet known as Sheik yur Ghoolees the Blessed Son of Agassou. He convinced many of the ZITs’ best military commanders that Heviosso, self styled Prophet of Agassou and C in C of the ZITs had ceased to be a true believer and had sold his soul to the devil and Petramco. These leaders left the ZITs and set up training camps in Nannan Province, which is now their main powerbase.
The Blessed Son of Agassou has recruited heavily among the Nannan hilltribes and has revived many traditional practices in the area. Many of his followers, known as the Ghost Warriors, go into battle naked except for their traditional tribal warpaint. They are usually out of their minds on JuJuJuice when fighting.
The ZSA Alliance are known to be supporting the ZOGs as they are keen to help anyone who is capable of causing trouble for the ZOGs’ sworn enemies, the ZITs and PISSOF.

(1) Sheik yur Ghoolees, the Blessed Son of Agassou, spiritual leader of the ZOGs. He does not often appear on the battlefield and usually defers to his military advisers on tactical matters. But he alone decides on the ZOGs’ strategy. He is pictured here with his personal bodyguards.


(2-6) ZOG armoured vehicles tend to be rather old, most of them date from World War II and are forever breaking down. Most were obtained during a raid on a PISSOF armoury in Nannan City.






(7) The ZOGs do have some fairly modern armoured cars. This Panhard was supplied by the ZSA Alliance.


(8) – (9) The majority of the ZOGs infantry are Ghost Warriors, tribesmen from the hills of Nannan Province who fight fight naked save for their traditional tribal warpaint.. Different tribes have subtly different warpaint and some dye their hair.



(10) They also have a few regular units.
11- 17 (below) The ZOGs are great users of technicals and they convert almost any vehicle that can move to carry an HMG, recoilless rifle or AA gun.
Some of the ZOGs technical crews wear warpaint in imitation of the Ghost Warriors but, after several nasty accidents involving hot shell casings and the moving parts of heavy weapons, most of them wear trousers rather than going completely naked.









(19) Armed mobs played an important part in driving ZITs and PISSOF militia out of the major towns of Nannan Province.

Credits: All models are from Peter Pig’s Range 17 “AK47 Republic”and painted by Derek Hodge (2, 6, 8, 8a, 10 & 12- 16) or Jim Louttit (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 17 & 18) unless otherwise stated
(1) Religious leader character pack (17-44)
(2) Skytrex Honey.
(3) PP WWII Sherman M4A3 76mm with HVSS suspension (8-244)
(4) PP WWII Sherman M4A3 76mm with sandbags (8-235)
(5) PP WWII M10 Tank destroyer (8-240)
(6) PP WWII Panhard Armoured car with 50mm gun (8 -247).
(7) Panhard armoured car with 90mm gun (17-32).
(8) – (9) Naked Militia with AK47 (17 – 72)
(10) Assorted infantry, mosty Regulars in Helmet
(11) Skytrex CMP 3 tonner with PP Quad AA gun and crew. (17-51 & 17-55)
(12) Skytrex Opel Blitz with PP Quad AA gun and crew. (17-51 & 17-55)
(13) & (14) Unknown trucks mounting PP recoilless rifles (17-20) and militia crews (17-18).
(15) Skytrex Opel Blitz with PP Recoiless Rifle (17-20) and militia crew (17-18)
(16) Skytrex 15cwt CMP with HMG and gunner (17-67)
(17) & (18) Toy trucks mounting PP Quad AA gun (17-51) & mixed crews.
(19) Mob with machetes from PP’s Pirates range (10-29) They are pictured in front of buildings from TimeCast’s 15mm South East Asia range